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FEDA Policy Statements

e-Commerce Direct Sales Policy Statement:
It is the opinion of the FEDA Board of Directors that manufacturer direct sales via e-commerce (either their own web site or a value added reseller) is not an appropriate or effective channel of distribution for commercial foodservice equipment and supplies. FEDA members have a very large investment in displaying, warehousing, marketing, installing and servicing the products of manufacturers in this industry. For a manufacturer to sell around the dealer is a breach of the working partnership between the dealer and manufacturer. It would be up to each dealer to determine whether to support such manufacturers. It is the opinion of the FEDA Board that e-commerce sales may serve many existing dealer/manufacturer relationships resulting in the dealers independently opting to sell the lines of manufacturers that do not sell around the dealer via e-commerce or any other direct sale methods it is not reasonable for the manufacturer to expect dealer orders, representation or loyalty in the face of direct sales competition by the manufacturer partner.