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January FEDA Fast Forward

Posted 1/26/2016

Interior Design Issue Update

Posted 10/12/2015

FEDA Fast Forward October 2014

Posted 10/14/2014

Stainless Steel Basics

Posted 7/30/2014

Effective Goal Setting

Posted 1/7/2014

FEDA Fast Forward October 2013

Posted 10/29/2013

FEDA Fast Forward June 2013

Posted 6/25/2013

FEDA Education Foundation Awards 33 Scholarships to the 2013 UID Program

The FEDA Education Foundation recently awarded 33 scholarships to help cover some of the costs associated with attending the University of Industrial Distribution program to be held March 10 -13, 2013 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN.

The program has been hailed as outstanding by FEDA members who have previously attended. Participants create their own curriculum that will earn them CEU credits that can be applied towards earning a Professional Certificate in Industrial Distribution. The course content is provided by a team of the most widely respected experts in the distribution discipline.

This year's scholarship recipients are: Ace Mart Restaurant Supply: Eric Garcia, Mark Hernandez, and Sandy Warman; B & B Equipment & Supply, Inc.: Charley Bible; Best Rest. Eqpt. & Design: Cecily Adams, Steve Colvard and Brian Knoll; Burkett Restaurant Equipment: David Boxhorn, Ziad Burkett, Travis Lusky, Mike Miller, Rachel Miller and Ian Oliver; Canadian Restaurant Supply Ltd.: Dave Mazza; Curtis Restaurant Equipment: Jeremy Paule; Hawk, Inc.: Jeremy Hawk; Hotel & Restaurant Supply: Wayne Horne and Marcus Lyon; J & E Restaurant Supply, Inc.: Cory Baker; Manning Brothers Food Equipment: Steve Tonjes; Mission Restaurant Supply: Joshua Folan; Mobile Fixture & Eqpt. Co.: Ben Whitlock; R.W. Smith & Co.: Chris Crocetti and Douglas Huffman; Rapids Wholesale Equipment: Jim Ottmer; Schweppe, Inc.: Brian Schweppe; TriMark SS Kemp: Charles Costlow; Wasserstrom Company: Eric DiMatteo, Marcia Gibbons, Alan Green, Nick Kariotakis, George Papp and Kevin Simmons

To learn more about the UID program click on the 2013 UID brochure/registration form

Posted 11/21/2012

Update on Massachusetts Bidding Bill

Download MA Bidding bill.pdf

Posted 5/16/12

IDPC Successful In Curbing Onerous Interior Design Bills

Patti Morrow, President, Interior Design Protection Consulting, has been working tirelessly to defeat interior design bills that would cause tremendous hardship and lost business to the FEDA membership. Patti, along with the help of all those members who've written letters to committee members and attended hearings, has helped defeat many of these bills. Below is just one example of a bill that was defeated in California. and Patti's note after defeating it. Please stay tuned to other news about legislative victories and please help Patti in her fight if onerous legislation is introduced in your state. Victories in any state will help us all!

Great news! We just learned that AB 248 has been pulled from today's hearing agenda! Along with my colleagues at NKBA, AIA, CLCID, and the Community Collage League of CA -- we kept the pressure on. Combine that with the outpouring of letters from your members, and you've got the recipe for defeat. The committee didn't want to risk the fallout of a rejection, but naturally they will try to put a positive spin on the situation, and say it was a strategic move to keep the bill alive for further discussion so they can keep working the issue without the bill being rejected. Further work on this bill in the Assembly would be highly unlikely, given the amount of opposition and the sponsor's inability to garner support on her own committee. Their only option now will be to seek another legislative vehicle later in this session and insert the language from AB 2482 into it. This could be done in either the Assembly or Senate. I don't believe this will be allowed to happen, but as you know, you just can't predict what will happen in the legislature. So.... I will absolutely stay on top of it and advise you of any changes.

Posted 5/16/12

Stephen McGarry to Retire from FEDA Presidency

FEDA President Stephen McGarry will be retiring from Paramount Restaurant Supply in June and will step down as FEDA president after May 31st. Until then, Stephen continues as an active member of the FEDA executive committee and all aspects of FEDA continue to run as usual. The FEDA executive committee recently met and voted to ask FEDA past president, Jim Hanson to accept the appointment to the FEDA executive committee as FEDA president until elections are held in March of 2012. Jim has graciously accepted the position. In March of 2012 all the current officers will move up one position and Brad Wasserstrom will assume the FEDA presidency. Stephen McGarry has been an active FEDA board member and officer for many years. We will miss his participation but wish him well in his retirement.

FEDA 2011 Convention Presentations now available on Interactive CD-ROM

Were you unable to attend the FEDA convention this year or would you like to review the great speakers' presentations you saw while at the convention? Order this CD-ROM and you'll not only have the speakers' great talks, but all the available visuals, Power Points, etc. as well!

Scores of great ideas are right here for supercharging your operation in the year ahead. To order your CD-ROM today and have all of these presentations to reference and review for just $89.
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Interior Design Legislation Heats Up in Multiple States

Legislation has been introduced or pre-filed in several states recently that would inhibit foodservice equipment dealers from practicing, or in some cases bidding on, interior design work. The states most recently affected include: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon. FEDA will continue to communicate any information on this legislation to the appropriate constituents but members can also learn more about each state's particular situation by clicking on the links below.

Posted 2/8/2011


2011 Roadshow Training Dates

Spring 2011

Orlando - February 9 (A day before the NAFEM Show)
Charlotte March 15
Philadelphia March 24
Seattle May 10
Chicago May 20 (A day before the NRA Show)   
Fall 2011

Boston September 15
St. Louis September 27
Houston October 13
Milwaukee October 25
San Francisco November 1

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Posted 1/10/11


FEDA Welcomes Hendrix Hotel & Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, Ltd.

FEDA is pleased to welcome Hendrix Hotel & Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, Ltd. into the membership. Please give them a warm welcome at the following address:

Larry Vander Baaren
Hendrix Hotel & Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, Ltd.

3011 Hwy 29, P.O. Box 130
Brockville, ON K6V 5V2
Phone: 613-342-0616
Fax: 613-342-1921
E-mail: larry@hendrixequip.com
Sponsor: Rick Williams, Williams Restaurant Supply

Posted: 1/5/11

FEDA Welcomes Springfield Corporation

FEDA is pleased to welcome the Springfield Corporation into the membership. Please give them a warm FEDA welcome at the following address:
Springfield Corporation
Joe Gill, Project Manager
7012 Best Friend Rd., Atlanta, GA 30340
Phone: 770-729-0700
Fax: 770-729-0995
Email: joe@springfieldcorp.com
Sponsor: George Romberg, Citisco Food Service Equipment


Communications from FEDA

DATE:             August 25, 2010

TO:                 FEDA Members

FROM:            Ray Herrick, Executive Vice President
                        Amy Risinger, CAE, Member Services Consultant

It has come to our attention that some of you may not be receiving all of the communications that FEDA distributes and since much of our promotions or alerts are sent by email we wanted to make you aware of some steps you can take to ensure you do indeed receive all communications.

  • Many communications are now generated by our Member Services Consultant, Amy Risinger, CAE so please make sure you have her email address (amy@feda.com) on your “approved” list of email recipients.
  • Oftentimes FEDA First Thing and other correspondences might end up in your junk mail so please make sure to check your “junk mail” often and then highlight any communications from FEDA and designate them as “not junk.”  Hopefully this will enable your system to recognize valid emails from FEDA.
  • We use two different broadcast systems to deliver our email blasts.  One is from Premiere Communications and that email address should come across as amyrisinger@xmr3.com.  Please white list this address as well.  We also use Constant Contact and that address should list Amy’s FEDA email address but because it is a broadcast email it is often stopped by the Firewall and therefore ends up in the “junk mail” file.  Again, please check for this and designate it as a valid address.  Most recently, we sent FEDA Fast Forward via Constant Contact so if you didn’t receive this communication please check your junk mail.
  • Other IP addresses that the broadcast company uses that you should have added to your whitelist include:

We will gladly email this list to you if that is helpful. Just contact Amy at amy@feda.com and ask her to email IP codes for broadcast emails.  We hope that these suggestions will help to solve this problem and that you will soon be receiving all of the valuable communications that your Association provides.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me (ray@feda.com) or Amy (amy@feda.com). Posted 8/25/10

MA FEDA Members Fight H2999  

H2999, a bill which would allow only designers who have passed the NCIDQ exam to bid on state contracts, has passed the House and is currently in the Senate Ways and Means – which is where we need to stop it.

This bill would prevent FEDA members from bidding on state contracts, now and in the future.  You should also be aware that the sponsor, Rep. Kafta, is pushing for passage of H2999 in order establish a credible reason to pass his interior design title bill, H262.  The true goal of the MA proponents is full-blown occupational licensing.  They have failed to pass several bills over the last 10 years, so have now chosen this seemingly innocuous piece of legislation to try to get their foot in the door so that they can keep coming back to incrementally expand it into a restrictive licensing law.

 For additional details about the bill, how it was able to pass through three House Committees before being amended by the sponsor on the House floor, and Committee contact information, please click on this link to read the IDPC’s newsflash: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs060/1102107213116/archive/1103570747418.html

 We need FEDA members to take action NOW to protect your future rights to bid on state projects.  If adopted, this bill would tie the hands of the bidding authority to select FEDA members – even though they are clearly more qualified should the state specs involve commercial foodservice equipment and expertise. 

Of course, your own words are always best, but you can click here for a sample letter to help facilitate the process.  If possible to fax your letters, that would be best, since it gives legislators a visual “stack” of opposition, but email and postal mail are also acceptable. A list of the Ways & Means Committee members and their individual contact information for your use for your correspondence is available by clicking here.  Please send a letter, fax or email to each one of the committee members if possible. 

With the help of the Interior Design Protection Council we will continue to keep you informed about this legislation and any other that would impact your business.

Posted 7/19/10