Brian Silverberg Moving Up After Executing on the Manufacturer’s Digital Transformation

Brian Silverberg

Henny Penny has its next president.

The FEDA manufacturer member chose current CFO Brian Silverberg to succeed Steve Maggard as the seventh president in its 66-year history.

Silverberg will work with Maggard over the next year to transition and assume leadership and operational responsibilities for his new role. As president, he will focus on executing the company’s strategic priorities, scaling the company’s infrastructure and supporting global business operations.

“Since he joined Henny Penny, Brian has been a strong and steadfast leader who has been involved in all aspects of our business, making decisions that have positioned our company for a successful future,” Henny Penny Chairman and CEO Rob Connelly said. “Brian understands how special Henny Penny is and cares deeply about our employee-owners and culture. I am excited about, and have every confidence in, his continued leadership and balanced commitment to uphold our legacy and values while leading the company to reach its full potential.”

Silverberg joined Henny Penny in 2019 as CFO and has been a key architect in the development and execution of the manufacturer's digital transformation and technology innovation initiatives. A seasoned executive, he has more than 30 years of strategy, finance, technology, business analytics and operations experience in the public and private sectors, spending much of his career in the manufacturing and service industries.

“I’ve always felt deeply honored to be part of Henny Penny, and I’m humbled by the opportunity to lead this special company and my fellow employee-owners,” Silverberg said. “Henny Penny has a unique culture, the best customers and a legacy of service. While we have so much to build on, in some ways, we’re just getting started. I feel incredibly fortunate to continue the work of those before me and advance Henny Penny’s commitment to taking the long view and investing in our employee-owners, facilities, and community. I look forward to working with my fellow owners and leadership team to realize Henny Penny’s bright future.”