Partner Exchange Sessions Help Channel Partners Identify Ways to Tackle Industry Challenges Together

The opening general session on Sept. 21 will provide a detailed overview of the challenges facing the foodservice industry from a wide range of perspectives, but the partner exchange session that follows later that day is when attendees will get to work on solving those issues. Foodservice equipment and supplies dealers will join manufacturers and other channel partners for guided discussions on the barriers that remain to economic recovery. Topics will include supply chain disruption, misconceptions about the industry, operator experiences, labor concerns and value-added strategic planning. Attendees will be divided into small groups led by a facilitator to share their experiences on those topics and develop solutions for how each piece of the chain can work together to quickly resolve issues.

To help attendees prepare for this insightful and collaborative session, FEDA has shared a list of the partner exchange questions below. FEDA is also interested in collecting more questions from dealers for the partner exchange session before the conference. If you have a question you would like to see addressed, please send it to [email protected]

Partner Exchange Questions Operator Spotlight
What are your customers experiencing in terms of staffing shortages and how are you helping them operate more effectively with fewer people?

What legislative actions, such as restrictions on gas equipment, are your customers concerned about in their markets? How are you helping customers work around those restrictions or identify alternative solutions?

Are rising food costs prompting your customers to adjust their menus? How is that influencing equipment sales?

What other pain points are your customers most concerned about?

Dealer Focus
What are some ways your organization stepped up to take care of its people during the pandemic, and what policies and programs put in place in response to COVID do you believe will become permanent?

What are some of the misconceptions you believe industry leaders have about their companies or the industry, and how can they break out of those false notions?

What are some overlooked soft skills that are becoming more important in your business and in customer interactions?

Manufacturer Insights
Manufacturers are facing increased pressure as worker productivity trends downward and the labor shortage persists. How does that match your experience?

The unpredictability of the supply chain has made it difficult for manufacturers to maintain steady production and for distributors to secure equipment in a timely fashion. Have there been any improvements in lead times and what needs to happen for conditions to normalize?

There was a noticeable increase in the amount of equipment using automation at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show. What kind of interest are you seeing from customers when it comes to automation? What questions do operators still have and has automation reached a breakthrough point?

What technologies that support business operations have you noticed in other industries that you wish would become more prevalent or commonplace in foodservice equipment and supplies?

Valued-Added Strategic Planning
How can companies integrate value-added thinking into their business?

How can business leaders ensure their teams are constantly reviewing their value-added services and evolving them over time to meet changing customer needs?

What are some examples of successful value-added initiatives in your warehouses, marketing teams, sales teams, or other operational groups within your company?  

Session Information
Focus on Industry Topics

2022 FEDA Annual Conference
September 21, 2022
1:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. PDT
Bayview Ballroom

These discussions will bring together foodservice equipment and supplies distributors, manufacturers and partners to discuss a variety of current industry topics.