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What is FEDA?

FEDA, the Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association, is a national trade association that provides advocacy, service, and educational support for foodservice equipment distributors and dealers. The purpose of FEDA is to help distributors and dealers achieve long-term business success. FEDA also encourages foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers, and industry and business services partners to join as members to strengthen our industry’s ability to succeed in this rapidly changing marketplace.  

Why Should Your Company Join FEDA?

Membership in FEDA includes a long list of benefits, including complimentary and exclusive access to:

  • FEDA advocacy leadership groups that are examining how to position distribution for the future. You’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with large and small distributors and dealers to guide our direction. You’ll also work with our young industry leaders to develop innovative distributor and dealer models for the future.

  • AutoQuotes Export, which allows FEDA members to export the AQ catalog data directly from the AQ database for use in individual dealer back-end systems. FEDA has an exclusive partnership with AutoQuotes to provide this service for members.

  • Education and training programs, including webinars and seminars, that support the priority training needs of distributors and dealers: product education, operations, and more.

  • Member scholarships to foodservice certification programs, including CFSP and ServSafe

  • Annual and semi-annual conferences, retreats, and other meetings to help members learn about current industry trends, share best practices, and plan collaborative business and channel partnerships.

  • Helpful profit and compensation surveys for operational planning

  • FEDA’s well-regarded bimonthly magazine, News & Views, and weekly newsletter, FEDA First Thing

And much more.

Have Questions?

Please submit questions about FEDA membership to:
Tracy Mulqueen, CEO
[email protected]

Get Involved 

Help guide the future of distribution! Make sure your company is represented on FEDA’s Board of Directors and new FEDA planning Councils or Committees.

Please click here for information about FEDA’s Board of Directors.

Please click here for information about new FEDA Councils and Committees.