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New Member Q&A: PASMO America

As part of its mission to celebrate organizations that strengthen the foodservice equipment and supplies industry, FEDA publishes Q&As with member companies. This week's newsletter features PASMO America, a manufacturer of soft serve, yogurt and ice cream machines based in Calabasas, California.

Who is your customer base?
Joel Cinnamon, chief operating officer: Quick service restaurants, frozen yogurt and ice cream stores, cafes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, hot chicken restaurants, Mexican restaurants and burger joints, chains, food trucks, convenience stores, theme and water parks, K-12 schools, universities, corporate offices and more.

What sets PASMO’s soft serve and frozen beverage machines apart in the industry?
Our technology is modern when compared to our competitors using older belt and pully technologies. Our machines are also one of the quietest, have minimal service issues, use fewer parts, fewer electrical components and put out less heat; which leads to an overall lower cost to own and operate.

How is your equipment keeping pace with ever-increasing energy consumption requirements?
We are much more efficient than competing models due to our power inverter/sequencers, as well as energy-efficient motors that allow most of our machines to operate with air cooled technology versus water. Less parts, less heat and less need for internal and external cooling help our customers consume less energy.

How has the company innovated in recent years?
There are several ways PASMO has innovated:

  • We moved from belt driven to motor to direct drive technology.
  • We were the first to have agitators in the hoppers as a standard feature.
  • We have a new pump that allows us to introduce particulates (or inclusions) directly into the mix using a pressurized system.
  • Our machines are available in a variety of sizes to replace legacy Taylor, Electro Freeze and Stoelting machines to avoid reconstruction or change existing build outs.
  • We have recently announced whipped cream/cold foam and robotic vending soft serve machines.

How is your company incorporating new technologies into its products?
We are utilizing smart technologies/automation (the iCream machine for example) as well as more efficient designs, new materials and easier cleaning capabilities that allow our operators to reduce the cost of operating our equipment.

Can you explain your machine program?
Operators can get PASMO machines with no upfront costs. This program is offered by one of our dealers, not from PASMO itself. Machines are offered to the operator at no cost with a minimum requirement of product ordered monthly.

How is PASMO growing?
Quickly! Over the past couple of years we have tested, placed and entered into discussions with a number of new and emerging national and international brands. With a focus on increasing operational efficiency and reducing overall costs, PASMO America has seen a significant amount of growth that shows no signs of slowing.

What excites you about the future of our industry?
The future of the soft serve industry holds immense excitement for PASMO America, primarily due to the endless possibilities for innovation and creativity. We are thrilled by the potential for new flavor combinations and healthier ingredient options, catering to evolving consumer preferences for indulgence without compromise. Additionally, advancements in technology offer opportunities for enhanced customer experiences through interactive ordering systems and customizable toppings. The growing emphasis on sustainability inspires us, as we anticipate the industry’s shift towards eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient equipment. Overall, the future of the soft serve industry promises a delightful blend of taste, convenience and sustainability, igniting our enthusiasm for its continued evolution.

Is there anything else FEDA members should know about your company?
PASMO America is a leading provider of soft serve technologies tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, PASMO America offers a range of products and services designed to optimize energy usage, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. Additionally, PASMO America offers one of the best warranties in the industry which includes one year of labor and two years of parts coverage. In combination with our national service network, our team is also available to take the first call to troubleshoot equipment issues. By partnering with PASMO America, FEDA members can access expertise and resources to navigate the complexities of soft serve while unlocking opportunities for growth.

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