New Look for a New World

Tim O'Connor
Managing Editor and Communications Manager, FEDA

The foodservice industry has never experienced a sudden change like the one it has gone through during the past few months. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic created lasting turmoil and the effects will likely be felt long after the last state allows dine-in service to resume.

No business could have prepared for this unpredictable disruption to their operations, but the ones that make it through intact will be those that are quick to adapt and able to solve the tough problems customers face.

Just as our members are innovating in the midst of COVID-19, this issue of FEDA News & Views is different from any we have done before. As you begin reading, we expect you will quickly notice the new look and tone of the issue. These challenging times called for a redesign and refocusing of News & Views to better reflect the bold thinking our industry must put forth to come out of the crisis even stronger than before.

In developing the modern look and approach of this issue, we sought to present information in ways that were more valuable for individual readers while clearly stressing the key points leaders need to know as they manage their organization through this uncertain time. In our story about how restaurants are changing and what dealers and distributors are doing to aid operators, we use energetic graphics and layouts to emphasize important statements from operators and FEDA members. Similarly, the “COVID-19 Employer Resources” article uses hexagonal artwork to lead readers through five beneficial websites distributors and dealers should know about as they develop new strategies to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their business. Even our Table of Contents has been overhauled to bring more attention to the substance of this issue.

With this topical look we hope to inspire our members to be more forward-thinking in their own approach to conducting business in the coronavirus world. New ways of thinking will be essential as operators ask even more of dealers and distributors in the months ahead. Once-uncommon ways of doing business, such as curbside pickup and ghost kitchens, are now the norm and the speed of the supply chain is quickening to keep up with new models. Like our members, FEDA News & Views will continue to evolve alongside this new reality.