Mutual Support Paves the Path Forward

By Steve Maahs
Chief Operating Officer of Alto-Shaam

Unprecedented to the tragedies and recessions we have withstood in our history, the COVID-19 pandemic swiftly impacted our economy and industry. 

Never has the spigot turned off as quickly as it did in March. In a typical recession, the foodservice industry sees a moderate impact. However, as we witnessed, thousands of our customers around the world were forced to close their doors and shift to delivery and takeout in a matter of days.

Just now, businesses are gradually reopening on-premise dining. There continues to be no set playbook for navigating the pandemic. CDC and state guidelines have formed the structure for many reopening approaches. Additionally, market research and information sharing continues to help with business realignment, knowing that as research shifts, so do our strategies and actions.

At Alto-Shaam, we continue to focus on providing the highest level of support for our partners, customers and people. Alignment with our values has been critical to solving challenges and guiding strategic decisions. Recent actions include reassessing our budget and company-wide objectives. As a family company, we prioritize people and have aimed to maintain a high-level of communication during these times. Additionally, we have maintained employee protective measures and gradually enabled our employees to plan their return to work.

As we fight this pandemic together, collaboration and a culture of service continues to be our industry‚Äôs biggest strength. Together, we have demonstrated our resiliency by sharing best practices and supporting measures that protect both people and business continuity. I am proud to be part of our industry and a member of FEDA, which continues to be a resource for COVID-19 legislative updates and information.