FEDA 2020 Profit Survey

The FEDA profit survey provides detailed financial results of food service equipment distribution firms. Results profiled in this report are based on income statement, balance sheet, and operating data. The tables and graphs contained in this report are designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward guidelines for analyzing profitability among food service equipment companies.

Please contact FEDA's Director of Finance and Operations, George Maul, at george@feda.com to participate in the profit survey.

You Need to Know How Your Company Compares . . . NOW!

Over the past few years, companies have opened their eyes to the value that financial benchmarking can bring to many aspects of business — well beyond the traditional role of providing a standard set of financial reports year after year.

Financial benchmarking arms business owners with the tools to make sense of an increasingly complex world. Financial benchmarking can address critical business questions with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

FEDA Financial Benchmarking Dashboard
Like last year, the 2020 FEDA Financial Benchmarking Report will be delivered in an Excel© dashboard that allows you to create customized reports in a more efficient and user-friendly format. The interactive dashboard allows you to select just the specific columns of data you need to benchmark against your company.  This year there will be unique surveys for distributors and manufacturers.

Dashboard Highlights

  • Navigation buttons allow you to jump to a specific section of study.Dropdown headers permit you to select the columns of data that apply to your company.
  • Data visualization and interactive graphics enable you to instinctively see previously hidden patterns.
  • Once you have selected the columns to benchmark against your company, the result is a short but detailed report customized for your needs.


All responses are sent directly to Benchmarking Analytics – no one at FEDA will see your response. Return your survey directly to Benchmarking Analytics: surveys@BenchmarkingAnalytics.com.