Sales Expert Paul Reilly to Guide Distribution Leaders on Creating a Value-Added Culture

Value-added selling is an effective and proven approach to reaching customers and creating a competitive advantage in a market. At the 2022 FEDA Annual Conference, attendees will learn how this powerful sales philosophy can apply to all areas of their business during the Opening General Session on Sept. 21.

The presentation, Strategic Planning: Profitability Through Value-Added Services, will be led by Paul Reilly, president of Paul Reilly Training, speaker and author of books such as Selling Through Tough Times. Reilly has more than 15 years of B2B selling experience and his success qualified him for the Hilti Master’s Club in 2010 and led to his induction into Hilti’s Three-million-dollar Sales Club a year later. Throughout his career, Reilly has embraced a value-added message – the idea that companies are their most competitive and profitable when they sell value rather than lower prices. He has brought that message to FEDA members over the past year, appearing first at the 2021 FEDA Annual Conference and then through the 2022 Live Webinar Series on Value-Added Selling, which provides in-depth training once a month on how distributors can identify, build and describe their value-added services to customers.

Reilly will expand on that message at the 2022 FEDA Annual Conference by showing how the value-added approach can go beyond sales. “What if every member of your organization focused on creating more value for their customer, company and team?” he asks. “Imagine the impact!”

The session will guide business leaders through how to build a value-added culture that gives their company a unique competitive advantage. From the warehouse floor to the marketing department, Reilly will explain how companies can identify existing value-added services within operational teams. He’ll then provide examples of how employees can create value in every aspect of their role, lifting the entire organization as they execute newly realized efficiencies and improvements.

But it’s not enough to simply implement a value-added service and then stop. Companies that stand pat on today’s offerings risk letting their services become stale or outdated, diminishing their value to customers as the market changes around them. To prevent that languishing, Reilly will demonstrate how businesses can evolve the value-added approach from a method into a culture. By developing a comprehensive plan for adding value to every step of their operations, distributors can stay at the forefront of the industry and remain prepared to create the best outcomes for their customers while maximizing profit.

Session Information
Strategic Planning: Profitability Through Value-Added Services

2022 FEDA Annual Conference
September 21, 2022
11:00 a.m. to 11:35 a.m. PDT
Pacific Ballroom A-B-C